Tulle is the new black!

I've always loved that magnificent picture of Marilyn Monroe with her white tulle skirt. I think that is when I fell in love with tulle in the first place. But back then, tulle skirts were only for little girls, or princesses and ballerina's. 

And then came Carrie! Sara Jessica Parker made me go really crazy about shoes. I discovered Manolo Blahnik ( as a Belgian girl I already knew Louboutin) and Jimmy Choo and my ultimate fashionista dream became to have a closet like the one in the episode where Big buys the penthouse and creates one for Carrie. 

More than anyone, it was Carrie making the tulle skirt become a MUST HAVE in every fashionista's closet. It was the association of a strong and independent woman, following her heart in her beautiful tutu's skirts that was not only a fashion statement, but a state of the mind! 

The tulle skirt is everywhere nowadays! It has become the little back dress of every style-aware woman.  And that's great, because if there is one perfect skirt for every occasion, it definitely is the tulle skirt! There are so many ways of styling a tulle skirt that it makes it fun to try new looks! This is what fashion is about: experimentation, fun and expression of how you feel and who you are. So just go for it! Find your own special tulle skirt and wear it as often as you want! And don't forget to share your looks on the instagram page, I'd love to be inspired by your ideas and creations. 


Sylvie Müller

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