Our fabrics

Did you know that tulle is a completely synthetic fabric? It is made of nylon and no animals at all have been used to produce it. Therefore, it is a completely vegan fabric.

There are all kinds of qualities of tulle but our skirts are made with the best and the finest tulle on the market. It is fabricated in the United Kingdom with an environmentally responsible manufacturer that has some serious sustainability commitments.

Did you know that our tulle is produced by the same manufacturer that made Princess Diana’s wedding veil?. Yes, our tulle skirts are sprinkled with princess pixie dust, that’s why you feel so empowered in them!

But that’s not all! Contrary to most of the tulle skirts that you will find, ours are treated with a special coating, the flare-free coating. It is a coating that exceeds the current flame retardancy standards, while most of the tulle skirts on the market don’t have any coating at all.