Tall girls, I got you covered!

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I'm a Petite (in other words short) girl. Every time I buy pants or long skirts, I need to have it shorten. Thank got for the Petite collections some brands have. 

And in my very first job, as a booker in a modeling agency, I realized tall girls have their very own problems: most clothes are too short for them! So yes, we all have our issues and it's up to the fashion industry to come up with solutions that work for all of us. Luckily, more and more brand are doing this nowadays, and they stop seeing women as being made in one mold.

That is why my skirts come in 5 different lengths and have a waistband. Not only does it fit almost every woman but it's also very comfortable to wear, even after that dinner when you had a bit too much to eat...

The Gala is a floor length skirt. When I wear it, I wear it as a dress, with a belt, and it is still floor length (really!). That's because I am 1.63cm/5.3ft

But girls that are at least 1.75cm/5.7ft, they are stunning in this skirt. And they  deserve their tutu moment too!!! So tall girls, this one is especially for you.

If you like short skirts, go for the Mini, or the Over the Knee. But if you want to have a very special skirt to wear for a unique celebration, choose the Gala!

You will LOVE it!


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