Power to the girls: Karrie Stanfill

Hi girls!

You probably already heard about the Sex and the City series revival, titled 'And Just Like That'. I can't wait to see what happened to Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda (Samantha will be missed!) and get wild about Carrie's closet AND shoe collection again.

In the meantime, I am so proud to see that there are some fantastic tutu fans among us and I am not the only one loving to wear tulle skirts!

In this blogpost, I am giving the word to another lovely Karrie, Karrie Stanfill. 

What I love about Karrie is that she follows her heart! Whether she speaks about books she loved, about her handbag collection (and boy she has an outstanding taste!), her passion for photography or for tutu's, she does it will honest enthusiasm! So here comes Karrie, enjoy the reading and don't hesitate to follow her too! 

Lovely Karrie Stanfill is wearing a Midi Red Tutu tulle skirt to create this perfect daytime look. Karrie is ready for a day at work or a lunch with her girlfriends and will look fashionable the whole day with this midi skirt

'I firmly believe a tulle skirt at the is most feminine fashion item any lady can own.

Hi guys I’m Karrie, 44 years old and I live in Nashville, TN. I am an amateur nature photographer and post these types of photos on instagram @karriestanfill.

In addition to taking photos of nature and landscapes, I also take fashion photos for my instagram page @ciao_karrie. I am a lover of modest fashion and for many people that has different definitions. For me, that pretty much makes me a “skirt girl”. Modest fashion doesn’t have to be boring or plain.

I adore bright and bold colors and honesty had a hard time establishing a basic wardrobe. I gravitate towards the more fun fashion pieces.

I currently own three Sylvie Müller skirts and I have my eye on several more of them. My most recent purchase was the long Champagne tulle skirt and it is amazing. It can be styled so many ways. Dress it up or down and it will look good. 

I recently wore it to church with a white t-shirt, denim jacket, and chunky ankle boots.'

To be continued...

Don't hesitate to send me your style ideas on how to create your favorite tulle skirt look. You can send me an email at sylviemullerofficial@gmail.com





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