Power to the girls!

I have always been fascinated by us women. We are so strong yet so fragile. We can lift mountains to protect the people we love, but we are the first to tear ourselves down. How come we grow up analyzing all our faults while praising others qualities. Didn't our mothers told us that we can be anything we want and that we were wonderful?

Probably not ... as they were not raised like that neither. Although I am raising a boy, I am making sure that I teach him that he needs to love himself first, that's it's ok to cry and have feelings, that no, pink is not for girls and blue for boys, that there are all kinds of people in the world and that is exactly what makes it beautiful. I hope all this will stick and my little drop in the ocean of educating a human being will bear fruit.

So I was thinking, what else can I do to make women more self confident and proud of who they are? Besides using the right hashtags... 

I decided I will ask women in my network about their story. About who they are, what they love. But also about their fashion tips and tricks so we all have new ideas and get inspired by each other. Together we are so much more than just by ourselves. Hope you like the stories! Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 



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