Story of the brand-Sylvie Müller

Power to the women

“I believe the tulle skirt is the ultimate expression of woman power. My mission is to provide each woman her own perfect tutu moment.” Sylvie Müller

Belgian-born beauty marketer and life coach, Sylvie Bove Müller, followed her passion and proudly presents her own brand of high-quality tulle skirts.

Women are strong and powerful. We don’t always feel that way and we are often not raised thinking we are. We are capable of things unthinkable to men. Women are the pillar of societies and the future of mankind. Women deserve respect.

They deserve to stand out.

Tulle skirts were originally worn by ballerina's. They symbolize perseverance, elegance and passion. These women are not weak. 

It is with that image of tutu skirts that this brand was created. To enable every woman to have her tutu moment, in which she will feel strong, beautiful, powerful and proud!

Our skirts will enable you to find the perfect fit for your body. Whether you are petite, tall, curvy or androgyne, you will find a cut and a length that will enhance your magnificent body. 

 Look at all the many strong and feminine women today wear tulle skirts. Just think about Sara Jessica Parker, Serena Williams, Lady Gaga or Rihanna. Find your own tutu power and create your own style!


Sylvie Müller