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I said it in my previous blogpost, I want to hear about you! Who you are, what it is that makes your heart race and what your style ideas are. I strongly believe we need to lift each other up more. We have a lot to learn from one another and there is so much beauty in the world, so let's spread the love, and applaud us all for whom we are!

Today, this is a little message from Bela. Bela is the mom to a cute little prince called Lucas. She's from Venezuela and she has been in the US for quite some time. She moved a lot before settling in California. Bela has a sparkling blog and Instagram page and she comes up with fashionable yet easy to wear styles. Check her out on @LifewithBela and be swept away by Bela's enthusiasm and positive attitude! 

@lifewithbela wearing a Black Midi tutu tulle skirt for her instagram post. She has styled her black fashionable midi skirt with a top and some flat shoes

'I own more tulle pieces than I’m willing to admit.
Hi, I’m Bela, and I have a tulle obsession.

I’m a mom, wife and a product marketer by day. And every single day I get dressed as a rebellious act of being myself! I

own 2 amazing Sylvie Müller skirts and I’m getting a third one now.

From flats, to combat boots, stilettos and Mary Janes, tulle skirts are the epitome of feminine style and can be dressed up or down. My love for them started a long time ago when I was a ballet dancer and even though I don’t go on pointe, my love for tulle persisted to this day.'

Bela Fig

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